Kitten Wait List Deposit Agreement

Due to extremely high demand for our kittens recently, we have decided to start a waitlist.  So many of you want a Rainier Savannah, and it makes my heart sing that you want to welcome one of our babies to your homes.  Again, thank you so much for making my small business that is such a labor of love something that you want to be a part of.. There is nothing like a Rainier Savannah!

Please submit together with your $100 for Wait List to  

We honor our waiting list, so we operate on a first deposit, first-choice basis.  We accept electronic money transfers in several forms, so just ask if you aren't sure.  Kittens must be paid in full prior to leaving the cattery for their new homes as set forth in this Wait List Deposit Agreement. 

The terms of this waiting list deposit agreement are as follows.  Please read and understand each statement as well as filling out the bottom completely.


By submitting my waitlist deposit and completed form to Rainier Savannahs, I confirm the following:

- I understand that my waitlist deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE (the waitlist deposit).  I understand that this policy is in place to ensure that I am fully committed to purchasing a kitten from Rainier Savannahs at some point in time and that my deposit will never expire, for as long as Rainier Savannahs is breeding.  If Rainier Savannahs ceases breeding before I receive a kitten from them, my waitlist deposit will be returned to me.

- I have received prior approval from my landlord, roommates, spouse, or any other person who may potentially disallow or not be in favor of a Savannah cat living in my/our home. I do not foresee my living arrangements changing to a situation where I will not be allowed to have a Savannah Cat living in my home.

- I understand that if a kitten is not offered to me within one year of my waitlist deposit, my waitlist deposit may be refunded ONLY if I have refused other available kittens within that year.  ("Refusal"= not responding to Rainier Savannahs email, direct messages whether by text or social media, kitten posts on Facebook or kittens posted as available on the website). If I have refused available kittens within a year of placing my waitlist deposit my deposit will not be returned to me. Instead, I may elect to forfeit my deposit and request to be removed from the waitlist email OR continue waiting on a kitten of my choice and retain my place on Rainier Savannahs' waiting list.

- Kitten deposit is due upon choosing.  I understand that when Rainier Savannahs and I have agreed on a specific kitten for me, a second non-refundable deposit payment (25% of kitten price) is due within 72 hours of choosing the kitten.  If I fail to provide the kitten deposit, I understand that my chosen kitten will be re-released to the waitlist unless other written arrangements have been made. 

- I have checked to make sure Savannahs are legal where I live.